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Magic 2012 is up!
With full international support as well Smile
Added support for international cards
Last Thursday I had a Chinese user message me asking why we didn't support the international language cards on the site. My initial response was simply because I didn't have a way to get the images. Then I went over to Gatherer and realized that they have the majority of card pictures available for other languages. So over the weekend I added support for all languages that Gatherer supports!
Security fixed + forums taken down
The forums were using an older version of phpBB that was fairly insecure, and because of that someone/thing exploited a security hole to insert malicious script on a few of our pages. I have removed the script and taken down all of the forums except for the bare necessities to login to the site. This means new users will be unable to register, but this is a necessary evil until things are running under the most recent phpBB build. If you need to chat with me, feel free to email nimion @ the domain in your address bar.com
Zendikar is up!
Zendikar is up early!
Speed improvements, old is new again
For those of you who are regulars you have probably noticed a pretty good speed improvement. This is because I've finally gotten a host that allows me setup proper cron jobs to run my maintenance scripts. This means that prices are once again being updated! Along with this I've also removed some advertisements. Enjoy!
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