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Deck ID: 522650
Revision #: Most recent
Rating: Not rated
Entered By: Finespoo
Format(s): Vintage
Ice Age Block
Mirage Block
Tempest Block
Urza's Block
Mercadian Masques Block
Invasion Block
Odyssey Block
Onslaught Block
Mirrodin Block
Kamigawa Block
New Standard
New Extended
Ravnica Block
Time Spiral Block
Lorwyn/Shadowmoor Block
Alara Block
Zendikar Block
Finished: N/A
Played By:
Created On: Nov 08 2011 11:01 pm
Total Deck Value: $0.00
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Rise of the Eldrazi / Scars of Mirrodin / Guildpact sealed deck
Main Deck: Sideboard:

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